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The goal of the Bogastow Ski Team (Bogastow) is to provide an opportunity for young skiers to develop and improve their individual skiing and racing skills to the best of their ability in a safe and enjoyable recreational team setting, and to have fun.

Bogastow competes in the Eastern Massachusetts Buddy Werner League (EMBWL), a local ski racing league that is made up of five teams from the eastern Massachusetts area: Bogastow, Bradford, Ski Ward, Nashoba, and Prospect Hill.EMBWL is a great league for young racers to learn the basics of ski racing.Though some may consider EMBWL an entry level league, and it does provide a great program for entry level racers, it is still quite competitive for the more experienced racers.Many of the top racers still compete in USSA races and through EMBWL your U10 and U12 racers can still compete to qualify for the Piche Invitational at Gunstock, NH.

Skiers in grades K through 12 are eligible to join Bogastow. Bogastow offers skiers an excellent opportunity to improve their skills, in addition to experiencing the excitement and team spirit that comes from competition.

Racer Prerequisites

All racers must be able to safely get on and ride a chair lift with other racers, including lowering and raising the safety bar, and ski the terrain at Nashoba Valley competently.


As soon as snow conditions allow, on-snow practices will begin. The race season generally runs from mid- to late-December through the beginning of March.Practices are held at Nashoba Valley every Wednesday from 6:00 to 8:00 PM. A discount ticket is available for racers during practice hours.Western contingent racers have practice on Wednesday at same time at Wachusett.

The focus will be on skiing techniques during some practices, particularly early in the season, and on racing techniques and tactics at others.It is strongly suggested that Bogastow members attend as many practices as possible.

Age Classifications

Children are placed into age classifications according to United States Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA) rules. Your child’s age classification is determined by their age as of Dember 31st, 2014.

All children who are 7 years old or younger on 12/31/2015 are U8

All children who are 8 or 9 years old on 12/31/2015 are U10

All children who are 10 or 11 years old on 12/31/2015 are U12

All children who are 12 or 13 years old on 12/31/2015 are U14

All children who are 14 or 15 years old on 12/31/2015 are U16.

All children who are 16 thru 18 years old on 12/31/2015 are U18.

EMBWL Race Events

Each member of the EMBWL team will race other teams at home and away. All EMBWL races are held on Sunday mornings. The ski areas for these races are Bradford, Ski Ward, Nashoba Valley, Blue Hills and Wachusett.

Equipment and Clothing:

Ski boots should be well-fitted, flexible, front-entry buckle boots (no rear entry boots except on very young, small children).

Skis - All racers should have one pair of skis. Skis should be safety checked and tuned by a reputable ski shop before the start of the season. Twin tip skis are not recommended. More experience racers may want to have a pair of Slalom skis and a pair of Giant Slalom skis (though not required).

Poles - All racers should use properly sized ski poles as soon as they are able. It is acknowledged that younger U8 racers may be too young to safely or properly use ski poles and will not be required to use them until they can safely do so.

Hard Sided Helmets with full ear protection are mandatory for all practices and races.

Goggles are not mandatory, but are strongly recommended. Clear lenses are recommended for evening practices for increased visibility at night.

Clothing should be weather appropriate. Please remember that temperatures on the chairlift and at the top of the hill are usually colder than your back yard. Layering works best. You can then add or remove layers as needed to stay warm and comfortable.GS suits are allowed.

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