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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pronounce Bogastow?

Bog rhymes with “fog” a is a short “a” sound stow is the same as Stowe VT!

Where did the name Bogastow come from?

The Bogastow Ski Team was originally known as the Dover Sherborn Ski Club.As skiers from other towns joined the team, we decided to have a more inclusive name. Bogastow is the historic name for the area presently comprised of Sherborn, Medfield and parts of Natick.The Bogastow Brook is the largest tributary of the Charles River, and the Bogastow watershed encompasses most of Holliston, Sherborn and Millis.

How long has the team been in existence?

Bogastow Ski Team started 40 years ago as the Dover Sherborn Ski Club comprised of families from just the two towns.At that time, the league was comprised of many town teams as well as teams from local ski areas.Soon after, other teams began to fold and DS Ski Club began incorporating skiers from outside the region.It has always been organized and managed by volunteer parents and many of our racers have gone on to race in higher level venues.

Who was Buddy Werner?

Wallace "Buddy" Werner (1936-1964) was an American alpine skier in the 1950s and 1960s. He was born and raised in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and raced for the University of Colorado.Werner was a 3-time member of the U.S. Olympic Ski Team in 1956, 1960, & 1964.Although Werner never won an Olympic medal, he is considered the first world class ski racer from the U.S., excelling in all three alpine disciplines.

Following the conclusion of the 1964 racing, Werner traveled to Europe to film the ski movie Ski-Fascination. Werner and a German racer died in an avalanche on the Trais Fleur slope near St. Moritz, Switzerland on April 12, 1964. He was posthumously inducted into the National Ski Hall of Fame the same year. Mount Werner, location of the Steamboat Ski Resort, was named in his honor.

The Buddy Werner League is a loose affiliation of teams that foster youth interest in alpine racing.

When can I register for Bogastow?

Registration for Bogastow is November thru mid December each year. All returning racers will receive an email from the team announcing the start of the registration. Information is also distributed through Dover and Sherborn elementary schools and in the local papers.

What is the registration fee?

Full Practice/Race - $425.00

Practice Only - $325.00

Does my registration fee include lift tickets?

No, your fee does not cover lift tickets. Discount tickets can be purchased from the Nashoba ticket window on practice nights. Most areas offer discount tickets for EMBWL races.

What does my registration fee cover?

Your registration fee pays for coaching, the Buddy Werner League fees, lane fees (practice space and time) at Nashoba and all other expenses relating to practices, races and administration (e.g. bibs, signs, computer/printer supplies, ribbons, etc). All administration and coordination of the program is done by volunteers.

What other expenses can I expect?

Families must provide their own transportation to practices and races, as well as their own equipment.

How long is the season?

The season usually begins with practices sometime in December depending on when Nashoba Valley officially opens and concludes with the final championship race scheduled for March.

Are there any requirements to participate in Bogastow?

Yes, racers are required to register with the program. Racers are expected to be able to ski all terrain at Nashoba competently. All racers must be able to safely get on and off the chair lift with other racers, including lowering and raising the safety bar. Parents of children under 8 years old or under 48" tall meeting ski ability requirements should be prepared to ski with their child to assist with loading and unloading the chairlift on both practice and race days. Skiers are responsible for their own transportation and equipment. Helmets are mandatory for all practices and races.

Who runs the program?

Bogastow is run by a group of dedicated parent volunteers. We have a leadership committee to coordinate the program and we rely on our parent volunteers to help make practices and races run smoothly.

Where and when do you practice?

We practice at Nashoba Valley in Westford, MA on Wednesday evenings. Practices begin at 6:00 and end at 8:00. Directions

Wachusett practices are on Wednesday evenings also from 6-8:00 PM.

Is transportation to Nashoba practices available?

The team does not provide transportation, however, many parents set up carpools with other racing families.

What time should I arrive on practice nights?

You can purchase your discounted lift ticket at 5:00 pm.Be ready and dressed for practice by 6:00.

What do I do when I get there?

Purchase a ticket at the ticket window (be sure to identify yourself as a team member to get the discounted rate.) Get your gear on. Look for the coaches at the base of the lift in front of the lodge. Coaches will be forming groups according to age and ability between 5:45 and 6pm. Seasoned parents are always around to assist and answer questions.

How do I know if practice is cancelled?

Sometimes, when there is no snow in your backyard, there is plenty at Nashoba Valley! As long as the mountain is open and safe for our racers, we hold practice. We send out emails to the group as early as possible if there is a cancellation, usually 2 p.m. for practice days.

Where and when do you have races?

Our races are held on Sunday mornings. Registration begins at 7:45 AM at the host mountain. See our schedule here on the Bogastow site (Final Schedule will be posted in late November.)

What time should I arrive on race day?

Registration begins at 7:45 AM on race day. An early arrival will ensure that you will have ample time for the course inspection before the race.

How long do races last?

Regular season races vary in length. They begin at 9AM and typically end between 1-2pm, leaving plenty of time to read the paper, watch football and finish homework! Championship races last longer.

Where/when do I get lift tickets for race days?

Tickets for races can be purchased at at the host mountain.

How do I get to the other mountains?

Go here for directions.

How do I know if a race is cancelled or changed?

There is rarely a change in our race schedule; however we send out emails as early as possible if there is a cancellation. We recommend checking your email on Saturday evening to confirm that there has not been a last minute change or cancellation.

How do I "tune up" skis

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