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For the experience to be best for the kids, they need to have the clothing and gear to be comfortable and confident on the snow.

Race Gear

At its core, ski racing is about skiing clean carved turns. As you prepare to equip your child to participate, prioritize the things that will help them do that best.  Fancy racing kit like gate protection and speed suits can come after they are skiing clean turns with a fast line through the gates.  This means:

  • Race Skis - Recommended that you guy Slalom first if you are only buying 1 pair. These have the tightest carve radius, so they are easiest to learn to race on. If buying All-Mountain skis, try to get the carve radius under 15 meters.
  • Snug Fitting Boots - The ski boot is the point of power transfer between the race and the ski, so a strong connection is very helpful. The more snug the fit, the better the response, and the higher the number on the boot, the stiffer the flex. If beginner/intermediate, shoot for 70 flex. If more advanced, closer to 100.
  • A Few Ski Tunes - They don’t call it the Ice Coast for nothing. Well tuned edges can often be the key ingredient for success or enjoyment on an icy training/race day, so plan to get a few tunes as the season progresses.
  • Helmet - Head protection is a must-have for participation in all Bogastow activities.
  • Maybe a Speed Suit - There is a lot of racing development before a speed suit is the difference in the outcome of a race run, but they do look spiffy and many kids have them.

Ski Gear

  • Quality thermals made of synthetic material.  Fleece middle layer for cold days.
  • Ski socks
  • Pant and Jacket shell that can handle wind and moisture
  • Warm gloves/mittens + neck gaiter
  • Goggle with minimum tint/clear lenses for night training
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