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Where did the name Bogastow come from?

The Bogastow Ski Team was originally known as the Dover Sherborn Ski Club.As skiers from other towns joined the team, we decided to have a more inclusive name. Bogastow is the historic name for the area presently comprised of Sherborn, Medfield and parts of Natick.The Bogastow Brook is the largest tributary of the Charles River, and the Bogastow watershed encompasses most of Holliston, Sherborn and Millis.

How do I pronounce Bogastow?

Bog rhymes with “fog” a is a short “a” sound stow is the same as Stowe VT!

How long has the team been in existence?

Bogastow Ski Team started 40 years ago as the Dover Sherborn Ski Club comprised of families from just the two towns.At that time, the league was comprised of many town teams as well as teams from local ski areas.Soon after, other teams began to fold and DS Ski Club began incorporating skiers from outside the region.It has always been organized and managed by volunteer parents and many of our racers have gone on to race in higher level venues.

Who was Buddy Werner?

Wallace "Buddy" Werner (1936-1964) was an American alpine skier in the 1950s and 1960s. He was born and raised in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and raced for the University of Colorado.Werner was a 3-time member of the U.S. Olympic Ski Team in 1956, 1960, & 1964.Although Werner never won an Olympic medal, he is considered the first world class ski racer from the U.S., excelling in all three alpine disciplines.

Following the conclusion of the 1964 racing, Werner traveled to Europe to film the ski movie Ski-Fascination. Werner and a German racer died in an avalanche on the Trais Fleur slope near St. Moritz, Switzerland on April 12, 1964. He was posthumously inducted into the National Ski Hall of Fame the same year. Mount Werner, location of the Steamboat Ski Resort, was named in his honor.

The Buddy Werner League is a loose affiliation of teams that foster youth interest in alpine racing.

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